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tv   The Presidency  CSPAN  November 16, 2014 7:54pm-8:01pm EST

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>> you are watching american history tv. to join the conversation, like us on facebook at c-span history. >> each week, american history america brings you archival films that take you on a journey through the 20th century. frank capra, "the negro soldier" is a 1944 documentary intended to encourage african americans to enlist in the u.s. army during world war ii. portrays the history of african-american contributions to society in war and peace, beginning with the revolutionary as, then showing their work judges, scientists, artists, athletes, and soldiers.
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in 2011, the 40 minute film was chosen to be in the national , and was recently restored by the national archives. >> with pershing and france, the 332nd labor battalion and the 108 pioneer regiment. fighting with the eighth illinois on the front. planes.d on the the 371st i do see farm. the 369th in the argonne. 369th fought on the line of fire for 191 days.
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not a man ever captured. not a foot of ground ever lost. the first american troops to theive this medal for 169th. for action above and beyond the call of duty, many received medals. when the cleanup in france, the boys came marching home. among them was henry johnson, who with one companion killed 4 and captured 28 germans, for which the french nation decorated them for exceptional bravery. there were those among the honored at arlington -- samuel washington. john sims. charles young, colonel, united states army. sermons inr memory,
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stone and bronze, tribute to a grateful nation, to commemorate the heroism and sacrifice of all the soldiers who served in the various wars engaged in by the united states of america. but a lasting record shall be made of their unselfish devotion to duty. and in france, and you see farms farms, the french people erected a memorial. this don't and the ground on which it stands are dedicated to the negro troops who fought and died here on april 21. funding three years later on june 15, 1941, and invading german army. yes, the nazis destroyed our monuments in france. but our monuments here stand and will always stand. the founder of tuskegee
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booker t. washington, 1856-1915. he lifted the veil of ignorance from his people and pointed his way to promise of education and industry. the late george washington carver, honored in the chemistry of agriculture. and men and william -- women building the monuments of tomorrow -- a judge in new york city court, observing his second 10 year term. the only american when our flag was planted on the north pole. a leading new york city surgeon. father of the blues. contributing to the more bond drive. education. principle of a new york city public school. a collection of literature.
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international prize-winning sculptor. singer. [" ode to joy," beethoven] >> later, a columbia university law school professor on how to manage the internet. x i have long felt one of the things getting overlooked in this debate -- not everyone, but generally, in the big picture, broadband.tion of how are they going to get it?
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title to give the agency the ability to tune -- ability to mandate universal service, like we did with telephones in the 1930's. it could be repositioned to try to create rural broadband. that as the possibility future president or future fcc chairman could say, you know what? we need a universal service >> monday night on "the communicators." president gerald r ford pardoned former president richard nixon. next, john logie and jill wine-banks recall the


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